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Price of a bioclimatic pergola, based on the type of pergola

The bioclimatic pergola is one of the most popular solutions when designing your garden, to cover your terrace or an outdoor space by your home, and make the most of a shaded area when there's too much sun or if ever it rains. Given its host of advantages and its considerable scope for customization, the bioclimatic pergola has delighted thousands of French people and has become a focal feature in gardens that's ever-so easy to set up. Based on the configuration of your outdoors and/or your needs and desires, you'll have the choice between different types of bioclimatic pergolas on the market today, and this will impact the price quote:

  • Lean-to bioclimatic pergola: this is the most traditional bioclimatic pergola, the one that leans against the structure of your home and extends one of your living spaces and, generally, covers the terrace that gives access to your outdoor space;
  • Free-standing bioclimatic pergola: this bioclimatic pergola is independent from your home and can be set up anywhere in your garden as a stand-alone feature. The free-standing bioclimatic pergola is quite similar to a gazebo as it has four posts and is often found close to a pool;
  • Bioclimatic pergola with glazing: this type of bioclimatic pergola is akin to a veranda, with glazed sides designed to close the pergola on at least two of its sides; the bioclimatic pergola without supporting posts: this type of bioclimatic pergola is highly-uncommon as it requires a specific type of home design to enable it to be installed with its famous posts. It's look is different from the other models, as it has no supporting posts and its price is lower.

Budget-wise, there are of course differences in the price of a bioclimatic pergola base on the model chosen. You can count, excluding labour costs:

  • between 300 and 650 euro/m2 for a lean-to bioclimatic pergola;
  • between 450 and 750 euro/m2 for a free-standing bioclimatic pergola;
  • between 500 and 1,000 euro/m2 for a bioclimatic pergola with glazed sides;
  • between 350 and 750 euro/m2 for a bioclimatic pergola without posts.

The price you pay will also be different depending on whether you choose a standardized bioclimatic pergola or a bespoke one.

Price of a bioclimatic pergola based on the material used

Just like many other outdoor or indoor features, the price of a bioclimatic pergola varies based on the materials used for making its structure. Aluminium, which is stylish, highly-resistant, easy to look after and light, is now the material most often used for making bioclimatic pergolas, thanks to its renowned qualities. In recent years, some manufacturers have, however, begun creating wooden bioclimatic pergolas to rival aluminium bioclimatic pergolas. So, nowadays, you can choose between a bioclimatic pergola:

  • in aluminium, with prices of between 300 and 600 euro/m2;
  • in wood, with prices of between 350 and 750 euro/m2.

Although the prices for aluminium and wooden bioclimatic pergolas are very similar, there's a great difference in looking after and cleaning each structure. With a wooden bioclimatic pergola, you'll need to budget for the cost of regular maintenance of your pergola (woodstain, paint, varnish); whilst an aluminium bioclimatic pergola only needs to be lightly cleaned from time to time to keep looking as good as new.

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Cost of installing a bioclimatic pergola

When working out the budget for installing your bioclimatic pergola, there are two key items to include: the cost of the bioclimatic pergola itself and the cost of installing the pergola. The installation of a bioclimatic pergola, which requires specific skills and a certain amount of expertise, means calling on professionals who are used to this type of work. Most companies specialized in manufacturing and installing bioclimatic pergolas, invoice their work at between 100 and 200 euro/m2 on average. The bioclimatic pergola installer's quote generally comprises:

  • setting up the structure;
  • integrating the bioclimatic pergola's adjustable slats;
  • installing the motorization system, if there is one;
  • adding the various accessories and/or options (see below).

Other costs may be added to installing a bioclimatic pergola and directly impact the total quote amount.

This is in particular the case for costs related to:

  • making a concrete slab or concrete pillars in your garden to support the structure, along with the related earthworks;
  • providing a dedicated electrical network.

For reasons of optimal comfort and style, the bioclimatic pergola is normally set up on a wooden, composite, stone or tiled, etc. terrace. If you don't have a terrace like this, it's highly-advisable to include the cost of creating one in the budget required for installing the pergola. And, although it's possible to create this terrace once the bioclimatic pergola has been installed, it's better to anticipate this work and create one beforehand, to avoid problems later on.

Price of a bioclimatic pergola: focus on the different options

Today, there are almost as many bioclimatic pergola models (and prices) as there are pergola projects. And, given the host of safety and comfort options available, you can customize your aluminium bioclimatic pergola to suit your needs, your wishes and your budget. Among the most frequently-chosen options, and the cause of an increase in the overall price, are the choice of slats, colour, the inclusion of a heating system, as well as integrated lighting.

Choosing adjustable slats

This is one of the bioclimatic pergola's great advantages. Thanks to the adjustable slats on its roof, your bioclimatic pergola lets you play with the level of light and outdoor temperature inside your pergola. As such, you can be sure you'll have maximum comfort, based on how much sun or shade you want under your pergola. Today, bioclimatic pergola slats can be solid or hollow. The first are favoured by professionals as they're deemed to be sturdier (they also make less noise when it rains). On some bioclimatic pergola models, you can also choose foldable slats. These slats are triggered by a motorized mechanism and fold away and stack up on top of each other at one of the ends of the pergola structure, so you can have a totally open roof.

Motorizing and installing automatic sensors

It's rare today to see bioclimatic pergola models without a motorization system for opening and closing the adjustable slats, via a remote control. Based on the level of comfort you wish, different types of sensors can be connected to this motorization system to fully automate your bioclimatic pergola. Installing, rain sensors, for example, will enable the bioclimatic pergola's adjustable slats to close automatically as soon as the first raindrops fall, meaning you'll be protecting your garden furniture and decorative objects located under the pergola.

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Choosing the structure colour

The colour you choose may change the price of your bioclimatic pergola. Although black, anthracite grey and white are the most popular colours with bioclimatic pergola owners, many manufacturers offer several dozen other colours, to suit everyone's style and design tastes.

Integrated lighting in your bioclimatic pergola

To make the most of your bioclimatic pergola in the evenings and until really late at night (and even at dawn for early birds), nothing beats an integrated LED lighting system. Once again, customizing your lighting will add to the overall total price of your bioclimatic pergola.


Are you dreaming of enjoying your pergola as often as possible? Well then, the heating option means you can spend more time outdoors season-in, season-out, without ever having to wear a pullover or a jacket.

Adding a misting system

In times of heatwaves and, in spite the shade your bioclimatic pergola offers you, the hot, sticky air outdoors still makes you suffer? By integrating a misting system in your pergola, you'll be adding a refreshing little extra that you can use as you wish.

Installing vertical blinds or glazed sides

Blinds and canvases for bioclimatic pergolas will ensure you're protected from the wind and/or the outdoor world (neighbours, etc.) A host of models are available nowadays in different sizes and colours. The glazed side enables you to extend the use of your pergola by making it become like a veranda. You can use glazing on one side only or on several.

Other comfort accessories

Integrated Bluetooth speaker, built-in power sockets and/or USB ports, etc.; there's a wide range of extra comfort accessories you can use to tailor your bioclimatic pergola to your needs. Of course, they'll all increase the price of your bioclimatic pergola by several dozen or hundred euro.

What budget should you be thinking about for your bioclimatic pergola?

Once you've thought about everything that will impact the price of your bioclimatic pergola, then it's easier to estimate the real price. For most projects, the overall cost of a bioclimatic pergola will be between 6,000 and 10,000 euro for a 10m2 bioclimatic pergola. However, nothing's better than getting a personalized quote, to have a more accurate idea of how much your bespoke bioclimatic pergola will cost you. Worth knowing too is that you can find bioclimatic pergolas in kits on the market, which will greatly reduce the overall price of your project. In this case, though, you'll have a lot less options for customizing your structure.

Average prices observed for a sample of manufacturers and retailers in July 2020.

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