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Engineering and production departments

You manufacture innovative, high-quality pool protection products that promote the Made-in-France image.

  • Innovation is at the heart of our approach: ever since the company was founded, innovation has been our guiding principle, ensuring we always offer our customers the very best in the outdoor equipment world. Our R&D Department is made up of technicians, engineers from the design and R&D offices, along with developers. They work in close collaboration with our production workshops. 
  • Teams working together for the common good: we believe that merging talent together must remain at the heart of managing and running a company. To this end, our engineering and production teams work hand-in-hand, from the design office to the workshop. They are dedicated to our customers, to ensure they enjoy an incomparable experience.
  • Made-in-France quality commitment: our enclosures are designed in France and manufactured in our workshops by specialized teams with a passion for work well done. As such, we ensure our customers that everything from design to the finished products are Made in France.

Support and administrative roles

You're Abrisud Group's driving force!

  • Vital roles: we couldn't achieve our strategic ambitions without a great support and administrative team. The people in these roles and processes work on a daily basis to support our development as best possible and to implement our industrial projects.
  • Cross-functional roles: Human Resources, Accounting and Management Control, Information Systems, General Resources, and Legal Affairs, etc. the employees in these positions are stakeholders in achieving the major challenges our Group faces and, together, drive its performance.

Customer care and technical departments

You're at the heart of the customer experience!

All our jobs play a key role in ensuring customer satisfaction. As such, we pay particular attention to each of them so that they develop in line with customer expectations.

Customer care commitments, because listening to our customers and ensuring their satisfaction are at the heart of our concerns, our after-sales & technical teams have several missions. Our After-sales Service teams are committed to answering all our customers by email or phone within 48 hours, as such providing a first level response. Our technicians are committed to troubleshooting as fast as possible. Our field technician teams work nationwide to measure pools and carry out maintenance and repairs.

Service client opératrice

Sales and Marketing  Department

You create Abrisud's world!

Your job is to re-imagine the customer experience and create a real relationship of trust. Against a backdrop where customers are evermore attentive and demanding when it comes to the products and services offered, it's vital to re-imagine the ways we work. With this in mind, the role of our Sales and Marketing Departments is to anticipate individual customer expectations and provide them with a simple and, above all, tailored response. We believe that we should no longer just focus on product customization. By individualizing the customer relationship, we can attract customers and build loyalty.

Let's reinvent customer care together…

Equipe at work
SP Sophie P.
Sophie Poulinier
HR and Administrative Assistant

Employee portrait

She began her adventure in pool enclosures in 1993 in Aqua Simplex, bought over by Abrisud 15 years later. For Sophie, it's people that count first and foremost. She's a Human Resources and Administrative Assistant and she's also the Secretary and Treasurer for the Economic and Social Committee (ESC).  "I'm the link" she says to introduce herself. Because Sophie is actually the "mum" for a whole team. "I look after the human side of the job. I do the job interviews, I help the installers with their




Sophie loves her work and, above all, her task to help the head off to the field and when they come back. "I'm at reception every Monday at 6am to look after the breakfast the company offers the team. I don't want them to get behind the wheel of their trucks on an empty stomach. This early morning time is also dedicated to their administrative tasks, to badging, to IT support and I help those who need it with their expense accounts. I also manage absences and leave. This means, I also have to find temporary staff as replacements". Sophie works directly with the HR Division at the head office located in L'Isle Jourdain. She goes there regularly. This bubbly, dynamic woman juggles the human aspect and the administrative one with great autonomy. "I organize my days myself and I know what my priorities are. I'm proud to work for a wonderful product" she concludes.

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