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Abrisud collects your old enclosure 

A pool enclosure, a bioclimatic pergola or a carport, always installed outdoors, are products that are made to last... However, even if you've looked after them thoroughly, you may need to renew your equipment after a number of years. 

Abrisud works hand-in-hand with each customer for renewing equipment and collects your old product to deliver it to various recycling pathways. Each material will be processed and recovered. 

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Materials intended for several lives

Your pool cover, enclosure or pergola materials are all designed to last and are all recyclable. 

All materials used are selected for their premium quality and for their end-of-life possibilities and their ability to renew themselves. This is the case with aluminium, wood, PVC and polycarbonate. 

Basically, 95% of a pool enclosure will be recycled at the end of its customer-use life!


Products imagined to last

Each material is carefully selected from suppliers based on very precise specifications. Aluminium, polycarbonate, wood and glass are the most optimal materials for making sustainable, reliable pool, terrace and vehicle covers.  

  • The aluminium used only in primary melts is 6060 T5, Qualimarine-certified and guaranteed for ten years. Its 180° powder coating is Qualicoat-certified and also guaranteed for ten years. 
  • The wood used for our enclosures is Scots pine exclusively, which is class 3 autoclave-treated and Celcure C4. Its quality is CTB-B+ certified. All the wood used is NF B 50-105-3 certified, is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) labelled, a standard that certifies that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests and complies with traceability rules. 
  • The PVC used for the pool shutter slats complies with the NF P90-308 safety standard. This material is treated with calcium and zinc to make it anti-stain and it is also anti-UV and anti-mould treated. The products' overlapping edges are patented and prevent plant and organic debris from accumulating between the slats. 
  • The polycarbonate sheets used are guaranteed for ten years against discolouration, loss of luminosity and loss of impact resistance. Polycarbonate is an excellent thermal insulator and the type used differs based on models: we use 3 to 4 mm thick solid polycarbonate as well as 8 to 16 mm thick ventilated cell polycarbonate. 


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Our commitments to the environment

As we're fully aware of our impact, we're committed to tracing all our products and to ensuring their lifespan is renewed for several decades. As a professional player, we believe it's vital to set an example on a subject as important as the life cycle of materials.

“Nothing is lost, everything is transformed!

We collect all the packaging from materials we receive from our suppliers and our production facilities to create our own packaging pallets prior to delivering our products. Plastic, polycarbonate, wood, PVC, etc… each material is recovered and can be used again to protect your future product.

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