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Pool enclosures

Extend the swimming season with Abrisud pool enclosures. Select your model from our flat, low, medium-height and full-height pool enclosures. Made entirely to measure, multiple-opening solutions are available:  retractable, removable or sliding pool enclosures let you to enjoy your pool safely. 

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Enjoy your pool safely

Swimming pool enclosures are efficient and robust. They ensure maximum safety in the pool, around the swimming pool, on the terrace and in the garden.

Whether flat, low, mid-high or high, your swimming pool enclosure must comply with the NF P90-309 swimming pool safety standard. It will protect your swimming pool and its beaches with elegance and style, so that you can enjoy your swimming area with complete peace of mind.

Efficient and robust, flat, low, medium-height and full-height pool enclosures ensure maximum safety in and around the pool, on the terrace and in the garden. Compliant with pool safety standard NF P90-309, they protect your pool and its pool deck with elegance and style. Enjoy your swimming area worry-free. 

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A swimming pool enclosure, what are the benefits?

Safety, Reliability & Savings. A pool enclosure has multiple benefits: 

Swimming safely!

Designed in compliance with French safety standards, a pool enclosure secures your pool and allows you to enjoy your pool in comfort and safety.
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Saves time for pool cleaning

Covering your pool also means limiting the intrusion of leaves, insects, etc. into your pool, which provides considerable time saving for water maintenance and cleaning.

Water and energy savings

Covering your pool helps limit water evaporation, therefore you use less water, which is good for saving money and for the planet.

Swimming in the utmost comfort

Due to the greenhouse effect, the pool enclosure gains between 6 and 8°C in water temperature. The water in your pool is warmer and you can enjoy all of your swimming area for longer.
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What height should my pool enclosure be?

Flat or ultra-low for a discreet design, low or medium-height for a good alternative to swim sheltered from the wind or full-height enclosure to provide a living area around your pool to enjoy in all seasons.

Things to consider to make the right choice

You can choose from several models of pool enclosures and configurations depending on different criteria.

  • The surface available around your pool: First of all, the space you have around your pool will help determine the model that will be proposed to you.
  • Style: There is an aesthetic aspect that you may need to consider. The height and shape of your enclosure will look different depending on the environment in which it will be installed. 
  • Ease of installation : The difficulty of installing your enclosure is also a criterion to be taken into account. Not all projects can be installed everywhere: existing pool, available pool deck, available surface area constraints, etc.
  • Opening and closure: You can choose either an automatic or a manual version. We can offer you different alternatives for your future installation to meet your needs and constraints.
  • Budget : The budget is also a criterion to consider. We have different types of pool enclosures and shutters with different budgets. We will once again offer you an option according to your budget.

There are many other criteria that you can tell us about during a meeting with the sales representative who will provide you with advice and expertise according to your request. The idea is to make the proposal tailor-made and adapted to your needs, desires and constraints.

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Pool enclosures with the highest qualities

Extending the swimming season while being up to the standards of pool protection is possible, but this is not the only advantage of a pool enclosure! Save water, and save time for maintenance... find out everything you need to know about Abrisud pool enclosures.

Abrisud pool enclosures are designed in high-quality, sustainable materials and comply with the NF P90-309 standard that protects against the risk of drowning. 

The pool water is warmed and easier to keep clean because the enclosure protects leaves, insects and dirt.

The enclosure also limits the evaporation of water and saves you money. The materials are selected for their performance, their sustainability including an anti-UV treatment of the cellular polycarbonate walls and aluminium profiles for the structure, which are Qualicoat-treated powder-coated. In a wooden and aluminium style, polycarbonate transparency, these materials are highly resistant to outdoor conditions for maximum sustainability. Full-height, medium-height, low or flat pool enclosures can be opened and closed effortlessly on systems with or without guide rail.

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Their automatic or manual opening and closure system adapts to your specifications

A swimming pool enclosure can have a motorized or manual opening, with a telescopic system, to slide, to stack or to lift. In any case, your shelter will be discreet and will adapt perfectly to the environment.

Depending on your outdoor space and your needs, select the pool enclosure that suits you. All our solutions are discreet and easy to use.

The wide range of Abrisud swimming pool products offers you the possibility of adapting your outdoor space to infinity. Installing an Abrisud swimming pool shelter, with a custom-designed model, allows you to enjoy it for longer and benefit from unparalleled comfort!

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The different models for tailor-made swimming pool enclosures

There are different models of swimming pool enclosures, each with its own advantages. These shelters can all be custom designed and motorized for optimal comfort. They guarantee the safety of the pool as well as the cleanliness and temperature of the water.

  • The flat or ultra-low swimming pool enclosure. Its removable system is made up of flat modules to be lifted, stacked or mounted on casters, to easily explore the pool. It is the most accessible and discreet solution. 
  • The low swimming pool enclosure. Its system is also removable, but this shelter is a little higher than the flat shelter. Its modules are raised on one side of the pool or removed, so that you can no longer see the cover when swimming. 
  • The mid-height or semi-high pool enclosure. This higher shelter allows swimming to be extended for longer during the year. Its structure can be made of wood or aluminum, to blend in perfectly with the environment. It does not exceed 1.80 m and therefore allows you to avoid building permits. 
  • The high swimming pool enclosure. Under this high shelter, an adult can stand. It allows you to create a covered swimming area in your garden, which can be used all year round and which can be converted. It is modular, to be open in the summer.
  • The telescopic swimming pool shelter. Whatever its height, your shelter can be installed on a system with a sliding opening on a floor rail. The different modules are then superimposed very easily to provide access to the pool.

Your questions, our answers

Between safety, reliability and cost savings, enclosures provide many benefits to pool owners.

  • Safe swimming

The primary role of swimming pool enclosures is to secure your pool. They must respect French safety standards to avoid accidents.

All our products therefore comply with the NF P90-309 standard and are equipped with a locking system to ensure the safety of a child under 5 years old. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns and it is also for this reason that our products are manufactured in France, without intermediaries.

  • Saving time for pool maintenance

Covering your pool with a high, mid-high or low cover also limits the intrusion of leaves or insects into your pool. Result: maintenance is made easier throughout the year and, thanks to your swimming pool enclosure, you save considerable time.

Dirt and rainwater can also change the pH level of your pool water. By protecting your pond, you will maintain better water quality and you will more easily avoid the proliferation of algae.

  • Water and energy savings

Throughout the year, the water in the pond evaporates, which leads to additional expenses. By adding a cover to your swimming pool, you protect your pool from the wind, you reduce thermal shock and your shelter retains some of the water that would usually have evaporated.

You therefore consume less water and make real savings.

  • Greater bathing comfort thanks to a greenhouse effect

A high, mid-high or low swimming pool enclosure will allow you to keep the water warmer. In fact, from the first rays of the sun, your swimming pool enclosure will create a greenhouse effect.

The water temperature can thus rise by approximately 6 to 8°C. The water in your pool is warmer for longer, even if the weather is unpredictable. You benefit 100% from your swimming space, thanks to better control of the water temperature.

  • Wintering made easier with a shelter

Installing a shelter is a real plus for swimming pools that need to be winterized.

No need to install winter covers, your high, mid-high or low shelter will be enough to cover your pool throughout the winter. You will just need to monitor the pH regularly and adjust the treatments, if necessary.


High, mid-high or low swimming pool enclosure: what height to choose?

Your swimming pool enclosure can have different heights, depending on the model chosen. Between a high, low or flat shelter, how to choose the best solution for your swimming pool cover?

  • Flat or ultra-low shelter: they provide an uncompromising and very discreet design.
  • Low or mid-high shelter: they are a good alternative for swimming sheltered from the wind.
  • High shelter or a dome: they allow you to create a real well-being space around your pool, to enjoy it in all seasons.

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Your questions, our answers about swimming pool enclosures

Would you like to have a swimming pool enclosure installed on your pool, but you still have questions? Here are the most frequently asked questions we encounter about swimming pool enclosures.

How to choose a swimming pool enclosure?

In France, it is now mandatory for owners to secure access to their swimming pool using a suitable and standardized device (NFP 90 – 309 or NFP 90 – 308 standard). Calling an expert is the best way to secure your pool with peace of mind and benefit from expert advice.

Today, there are several ways to protect your swimming pool, each with specific characteristics. From swimming pool enclosures, to alarms, protective barriers and motorized or manual swimming pool shutters, you are spoiled for choice!

Each product has its advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into account when carrying out a swimming pool project. Installing a mid-height, high, low or rail-mounted pool enclosure means choosing safety, but also comfort and cleanliness.

To choose the right cover, you can take several criteria into account: the shape of the pool, the budget, your tastes and your use.

How to maintain a swimming pool enclosure?

A swimming pool enclosure requires regular maintenance to preserve its longevity and ensure its safety. The ideal is to clean your mid-height, high, flat or telescopic swimming pool enclosure once or twice a year: once before wintering and once before the high swimming season.

Avoid high-pressure water jets or abrasive sponges which could alter the quality of your swimming pool enclosure. Poorly carried out maintenance can, in fact, lead to scratches on the walls.

So, to effectively clean your shelter, you can use a bucket of lukewarm water, a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and a mild soap to rub on the walls, without risking damaging them. Our tip: use black soap, more ecological and more effective. However, avoid detergent products, such as bleach. Don’t forget to rinse your shelter with plenty of water once cleaning is finished.

This maintenance process applies to the structure of your swimming pool shelter, its windows and its walls. For the rail, water and a broom or brush will do the trick. Finally, the joints of your swimming pool enclosure can be cleaned simply with water.

To prevent a stain from becoming encrusted on your swimming pool enclosure, we advise you, in addition to this bi-annual cleaning, to remove any dirt and leaves that you see on your enclosure. Also remember to clean the various casters and the guide rail fairly regularly so that each module that makes up your pool shelter continues to slide well.

We provide you with a cleaning kit available on our spare parts website. This complete kit will allow you to effectively clean your swimming pool shelter without any problem.

What is the NF 90-309 safety standard for shelters?

For a completely legal and safe installation, the shelters must comply with standard NF 90-309 (or NF P90-308 for swimming pool shutters). This standard was implemented in October 2007, to reduce the risk of drowning of children under 5 years old, around private swimming pools for individual or collective use, thanks to a completely approved and certified shelter.

The regulations apply to all types of swimming pool enclosures, regardless of size, weight or shape. It concerns many models and also extends to verandas and lighter structures. Standard swimming pool enclosures can withstand a maximum weight of 45 kg/m² and violent winds of up to 100 km/h.

The choice of your shelter must therefore be, in part, determined by this standard.

What are the administrative procedures for installing a swimming pool shelter?

No planning permission is necessary if you install a new shelter with a floor space of less than or equal to 10 m² on your existing pool. The project for a swimming pool shelter can therefore see the light of day without having to take administrative steps, if you respect these surface conditions.

If your shelter covers a pool of 10 m² or more, or if the shelter exceeds 1.80 m in height, then you will need to make a prior declaration of work, or even apply for a building permit. This situation will generally concern a high swimming pool enclosure, which can be similar to a veranda, a pergola or a garden shed. It can also concern a low (or mid-high), or even flat swimming pool shelter, whose height is less than 1.80 m, but with an in-ground swimming pool whose floor area is greater than 10 m².

The declaration of work is done in several stages. You will need to complete the Cerfa request form n°13703*07, available online on the website. You can also pick up a copy at your local town hall.

Other additional documents will be requested from you such as location plans, mass plans, photographs of your project with a projection of your future installation. Once all supporting documents have been added, your file will be complete and you can submit it to the town hall. The response time is one month from the submission of your complete file. This planning permission is valid for 3 years from the day it is granted and is renewable twice for a period of one year.

How to install a swimming pool shelter on your pool?

In order to protect your swimming pool effectively, installing a suitable shelter is an excellent solution. Good news: it is entirely possible to do it independently. We recommend that you carefully follow the steps indicated to assemble your swimming pool enclosure, and that you get help from another person.

However, depending on the model of your swimming pool enclosure, it may be necessary to call in a professional. Motorized structures or large shelters can, in fact, be more complex to install. Be careful then!

We also recommend that you find out about the town planning regulations in force in your municipality. All of these elements will need to be taken into account to take full advantage of your swimming pool enclosure and to guarantee a worry-free installation.

What type of swimming pool enclosure to choose?

The telescopic swimming pool enclosure is the most popular type of enclosure in France. Its opening system allows you to uncover and cover, partially or completely, your swimming pool, with great ease.

There are several heights of telescopic shelters. This shelter can therefore be adapted to your swimming pool and your desires.

The low telescopic shelter is ideal if you want to keep your pool warm or swim in mid-season. For the same functionalities, you can choose a slightly larger shelter: the mid-height shelter, whose height does not exceed 1.80 m and which therefore does not require a building permit.

For absolute discretion, install an ultra-low pool enclosure that will blend into your outdoor environment. Finally, the high telescopic shelter will allow you to create a real swimming area. You choose !

Even though the telescopic pool shelter model is the most common, other types of openings exist. Some shelters can also be opened by stacking or lifting the modules.

How much does a swimming pool enclosure cost?

Installing a shelter is an excellent way to protect your swimming pool, but it also has a cost! Indeed, this device is made in compliance with standards, with high quality materials, for a secure swimming pool in the long term.

Its price varies according to several criteria, such as the type of swimming pool enclosure chosen, its opening system, its motorization, its manufacturing or its aesthetics.

It is also possible to select various additional options to personalize your shelter. Add to this the cost of labor necessary for the proper installation of your swimming pool enclosure. A swimming pool enclosure can therefore cost between €5,000 and €25,000, depending on all these criteria.

What materials should you choose for your swimming pool enclosure?

Today, there are different materials for swimming pool enclosures, so it is imperative to find out before ordering your enclosure, because each material has specific characteristics.

Here is what can be used for the structure of the shelters:

  • Aluminum is light and resistant, while providing a contemporary touch. 
  • Wood is aesthetic and adds a noble detail to your home. 
  • PVC is what we recommend for an economical swimming pool enclosure. 
  • Steel is very resistant, but also more expensive.

For glazing a swimming pool enclosure, two options are available to you:

  • Polycarbonate has a very affordable price and very good thermal insulation. 
  • Glass is also very advantageous, even if it is more expensive.
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