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Terrace enclosures

Make the most of your home and its outdoor spaces as soon as the first rays of sunshine appear. Aluminium or wooden  enclosures, depending on your style, will be  the most charming addition to your home. Whether they're opened or closed, they're  completely modular, enabling you to imagine a whole new living space that can be covered and uncovered to suit your desires.

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What exactly are terrace enclosures? 

Our aluminium terrace enclosures, which comprise Abrisud's exclusive Climabris® technology that heats, regulates, and renews the air of covered pools, are wonderful spaces to live in. Terrace enclosures are a charming addition to your outdoor space.

The aluminium terrace enclosures' fixed or sliding structure operates on patented guide-rails that make opening/closing easy and safe and offer incomparable user-friendliness.

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Terrace enclosures, where modularity reigns 

Our terrace enclosure solutions cover terraces and balconies in a modular way with a structure leaning against the façade of the house or apartment to shelter the garden furniture in your winter garden area. More effective than an awning, a terrace canopy, an arbour, or a pergola, they're an effective way to protect against bad weather. More flexible than a veranda, they enable the terrace to be uncovered to enjoy the fine weather.

A light, cost-effective structure, the enclosure usually only requires a simple declaration of works and simple levelling masonry operations. Its extreme modularity provides multiple openings on the side posts or roof. The terrace enclosure allows you to add value to your home at any time of the year with a bright additional living space at low cost.

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