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Our technical and industrial know-how 

Our local production facilities and our 100% French manufacturing ensures your products are high-performing, leadtimes are reduced and the environmental footprint is contained. Our design, assembly and installation experts strive for continuous improvement on a daily basis to ensure you are fully satisfied. 

For over twenty years, we've been expressing our historic know-how on pool enclosures and on new products like bioclimatic pergolas, carports, poolhouses and verandas. 


Proud of our French production

For over 20 years, Abrisud has been creating, manufacturing and installing 5,000 enclosures a year on average. Our French-made, bespoke products are all created using French and European materials, selected for their technical performance, their resistance to outdoor conditions, their sturdiness, their sustainability over time ....

Three production sites (Bresles, Caux and L’Isle-Jourdain) are spread across the country and each is responsible for manufacturing different product lines. In production, purchasing and the IT Department, some 75 employees work on a daily basis to ensure production is agile and continuous, that it anticipates flows and complies with logistical requirements. 

Once your pool enclosure has been created, assembled and gone through quality control, it's delivered and assembled at your home by an expert installer. For DIY lovers among you, the product can be delivered ready-to-install, by you! 

William Testu
William Testu
Abrisud Director of Production
We analyse the flows and all steps to pinpoint anything that's not working perfectly. The aim is to carry out in-depth corrective actions in each department, with the focus on continuously improving our production system and making sure our customers are optimally satisfied.

Our know-how, from a project idea to after-sales

Our expertise in measuring, checking technical feasibility and monitoring projects ensures your result will be sound, reliable and guaranteed free-from-defects. 

When it comes to manufacturing, Abrisud teams are trained to be versatile and, as such, make our production facilities more agile. Some manufacturing sectors require employees who are dedicated to a specific job such as managing the machining centre and the bar-curving sector A curved aluminium or wooden pool enclosure requires cutting-edge technology as well as great craftsmanship, expertise that's passed on in-house through training. 

1,000 curved arches are made every week on our L'Isle-Jourdain site! 

Making a bespoke pool enclosure also requires several different skills such as product technicality, training in production tools, installation, as well as after-sales advice, etc. Abrisud masters every line of expertise throughout the value chain. Quality control is also carried out in-house in the workshop, which means we have a more exhaustive inventory of each product. 


Premium materials

"Given announced delivery leadtimes of 8 weeks for aluminium and one month for polycarbonate, we never allow ourselves to become inactive." explains William Testu, Abrisud Director of Production. 

All our products are subject to very precise specifications which, in turn, comply with standards that guarantee reliability, safety and resistance. So, we select our suppliers scrupulously. The paints used on our enclosures are all Qualicoat- and Qualimarine-certified, i.e. outdoor-resistant and guaranteed for 10 years. 


Innovation, driving our performance 

Our R&D department invents tomorrow's enclosures and forever innovates to enhance and improve our current ranges, all the while ensuring you can find the product that meets your needs as closely as possible and fits your lifestyle. To ensure your pool is safe, a pool enclosure must comply with standards and meet the design requirements expected as well as the demands of the land it will be installed on. 

As such, all our products are subject to a test protocol, under real conditions, which includes a series of opening-closing tests and tests under extreme weather conditions. 

"In practical terms, when we work on a product, we start off with a technical approach which, along with feedback from the field and from different departments, will give rise to specifications. Once we've manufactured a prototype, we make a pre-production series. Then, both go through a pool of tests to assess their performance under real conditions" explains William Testu, Abrisud Director of Production. 

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