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Commitments & values 

Our values through 10 commitments. Because a few words are better than a long speech, find out about the 10 values and commitments that drive our Abrisud teams.

  1. Above all, we're committed to diversity in our company. We have an active policy for tackling all discrimination: gender, age, origin, disability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc.
  2. We're committed to ensuring real professional equality among our employees, regardless of gender. 
  3. Professional equality also means equal opportunities, especially for young people to gain their first experience, and for older people…
  4. Our DNA? Teamwork that focuses on working for our community and for each individual: we want to ensure everyone's work is meaningful.
  5. Our guiding principle? Impeccable customer care. Paying special attention to each project and doing everything possible to make it a success.
  6. Innovating to offer new products of course, but also to place our trust in our employees and in their talent.
  7. Designed and manufactured in France: our commitment to quality.
  8. Optimism and involvement: our daily guiding principle.
  9. Securing our place as a European leader through our dynamism.
  10. Thinking people first: in our customer care and in our management.

Development and mobility

There are no limits to your career: expand your horizons, increase your skills and develop in our different structures.

Mobility at Abrisud: because you can live several lives in a single lifetime.

The world is changing. As such, everyone has the right to seek a new direction in life. Therefore, our employees have the possibility throughout their career to benefit from perspectives and opportunities for geographical and functional mobility.

Mobility encouraged.

We encourage internal, functional and geographical mobility in our company. It's a key factor in individual development and, in turn, collective development. By accepting our openness to mobility, we say "yes" to tailoring skills to changes in the company and the market. We support professional development through in-house and external training. National ... and international mobility! Would you like to move to another region? Our three production workshops and our sales offices are waiting for you! Are you looking further afield? We offer you the opportunity to work in an international context as the Group is present in Europe in Spain, Belgium, Italy and Germany and is open to the whole world. Abrisud is one of the most innovative industrial players in Europe in terms of product development and quality. 

How about joining the adventure?

Induction, integration & training

Are you about to embark on this new adventure with us? You're in good hands.

Here, at Abrisud, we've designed induction processes tailored to every job to ensure you start your career successfully. Whether it's for a few days or several weeks, the entire team will be on hand to help you meet the different people you'll be dealing with, to introduce you to the various spaces and working tools, to guide you in discovering the company culture and to help you learn all about our business lines and our techniques.

It's important to us that you find meaning in your everyday (working) life and, for that, nothing could be better than enjoying it, living it.

Because the world's on the move…

Is the work you did 10 years ago no longer the same today? To survive, there's only one word: adapt. This becomes possible if you have easy access to training that's in line with the changes in the job. We're committed to training our employees throughout their careers, on an on-going basis in the field, in-house and, on a regular basis, via expert and competent external organizations. Improving your knowledge also leads to personal fulfilment. Let's create the best expert team on the market, together.

Abrisud's training courses focus on techniques, methods, quality commitments, new products, safety standards, and more. There's something for every job and every desire.
You're the lifeblood of the company.


What if I haven't found the job I'm looking for?

Well, write to us, sending your unsolicited application comprising CV and cover letter. If your profile corresponds to a company need, you'll be contacted to follow the usual recruitment process.

What if I'm not selected?

We're committed to answering all applications. So, if you haven't been selected, you'll be informed by email. Applicants who are interviewed but not selected for the actual job will be contacted by phone.

See you soon at Abrisud!

The recruitment process

Because every company has its own in-house way of recruiting new talent, we're letting you in on our methods to give you the best possible chance of joining us. It's up to you now!

  1. I head over to the Our job openings section that lists current job openings
  2. I use Abrisud's job search engine to find the job that matches my profile
  3. I submit my application
  4. My application is reviewed by the Human Resources Department. If it's shortlisted, I'll be contacted within 4 weeks to discuss my qualifications, experience and motivations.
  5. What if I'm shortlisted? I sit an interview with the team manager.
  6. I'm hired! I finalize my recruitment formalities and begin my induction and integration process at Abrisud.
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