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Pool cover benefits

Safety, cleanliness, comfort: discover the key benefits of installing a pool cover.

Make your pool safer

One of the major benefits a pool cover offers is that it makes your pool safer, provided this installation complies with the NF P 90-308 standard.

This standard specifies in particular that the cover mustn't sink under water if a child crosses over it and it mustn't rip under the weight of an adult.

Protect your water from bad weather and UVs

A pool cover also offers protection against anything that could alter water quality. Rain, dead leaves and any sort of dust carried along by the wind will dirty your pool. By covering your pool each time you've finished using it, you can rest assured you'll be less impacted by this external pollution.

And, it also protects from the sun, whose UV rays weaken chlorine.

Make cleaning easier

The protection a pool cover offers can be seen directly when you clean your pool. Although you'll still have to clean it and treat it, your task will be easier and faster.

You'll also use less products and, in turn, you'll be saving money. Cleaner water will also prevent algae from developing.

Prevent water evaporation

The water in your pool will, of course, evaporate at some time, even if it's only a little bit. A pool cover is useful in this instance as, by covering your pool, it prevents water from evaporating.

A pool cover is also the best way to prevent heat loss as the water's not in permanent contact with ambient air.

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Is it compulsory to cover your pool?

All privately-owned in-ground pools must comply with specific safety rules and regulations. This rules and regulations help reduce the risk of drowning and of falling into the pool.

As such, it's compulsory to install at least one of the following systems: a pool enclosure, an alarm, a safety barrier or a pool cover that complies with the NF P 90-308 or NF P 90-309 standard. If no safety system is installed, pool owners may be fined €45,000.

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How should you go about choosing your pool cover?

To make sure you find the best pool cover for you, think about how much you're ready to invest, your pool's technical needs and how you use your pool.

Shape and size of your pool

The first thing to think about when choosing the right pool cover is, of course, the shape and size of your pool.

To ensure the cover you install is totally safe it must tailor perfectly to your pool. You may also wish to take into account the style of the cover, in particular when it comes to colours and designs that are more or less discreet.

The level of safety you'd like and the cover's ease of use

It goes without saying that safety will be a key point in your project. When comparing the various models of pool covers, remember to check if the NF P 90-308 is complied with and, as far as possible, opt for the solution that offers you the greatest safety.

Think about how and when you're going to use this cover. If you use your pool several times a day, you'll definitely prefer a solution that's easy to handle.

Cover price

Depending on how much you wish to invest, the cover price will influence your choice. Bubble covers aren't that expensive, generally less than €10 per m², but as they don't make your pool safe, you'll need to purchase extra equipment to comply with safety regulations.

Bar covers are more expensive, but comply with safety standards. Expect to find prices ranging from €20 to €40 per m², which means you'll probably pay around €1,500 on average if you have a standard-sized pool.

Finally, premium covers will cost you around €15,000. With a budget like this, you'll have state-of-the-art pool cover technology, optimal safety, a cover that's ever-so discreet and boasts harmonious design, and above all will be really easy to use on a daily basis.

It's compulsory nowadays to find a solution to cover your pool and, at the same time, it will mean you can make the most of your pool season-in, season-out. Pool roller shutters and enclosures are other possibilities, but their installation is occasionally more complicated that a pool cover. In any event, before you go ahead and purchase a cover, assess your needs and your budget to find the solution that suits you best.

How do you choose your pool cover?

To choose the best pool cover for you, take stock of the price you want to invest, the technical requirements of your pool and how you use it.

The shape and size of the pool

The first thing to look at when choosing the right pool cover is, of course, the shape and size of your pool.

For a perfectly safe installation, the cover must be well adapted to the pool. The aesthetic appeal of different covers can also influence your choice, particularly in terms of colour and more or less discreet design.

The desired level of security and ease of use

Of course, safety must be an important factor in your project. When comparing the different models of pool cover, make sure you check that the NF P 90-308 standard is complied with, and wherever possible, opt for the solution that provides the best level of safety.

Also think about how you're going to use the cover. If you go swimming several times a day, you'll appreciate having a solution that's easy to manoeuvre.

The price of the cover

Depending on your budget, the price of the cover will influence your choice. Bubble sheeting is reasonably priced, generally under €10 per m², but as it is not secure, you will need to buy additional equipment to comply with legislation.

A bar cover will cost more, but will comply with standards. You can expect to pay between €20 and €40 per m², which could come to an average of €1,500 for the most common pools.

Finally, premium covers can cost around €15,000. With this budget, you get the very best in pool cover technology, with optimum safety, maximum discretion for maximum aesthetic appeal and, above all, very simple day-to-day use.

Having a solution to cover your pool is absolutely essential these days, and will also help you get the most out of your pool. Roller shutters and pool shelters are other options, but their construction can be more complex than that of a cover. In any case, before making the purchase, take stock of your needs and your budget to find the best solution for your situation.

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