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Why should you cover your pool with roller shutters?

Before taking a look at the different roller shutter models that exist for pools, let's see what benefits each type of cover brings.

Pool safety

One of the main aims of pool roller shutters is to make your pool safe. Legally-speaking, pool shutters and covers must comply with the NF 90-308 standard. It states that the installation:

  • must not cause pinching, pricking, strangulation or cuts;
  • must be able to withstand the weight of an adult of around 100 kg without ripping;
  • must have anchorage points in the ground no more than 25 mm above the deck;
  • must not rise more than 10 cm between each ground anchor to ensure that a child under the age of 5 cannot enter;
  • must be able to withstand shocks of 50 kg at the anchor points without suffering damage.

The French Building and Housing Code requires owners of private in-ground pools to install at least roller shutters or a safety cover, an alarm, an enclosure or a safety barrier.

As such, installing pool roller shutters provides protection and reduces the risk of accident around your pool and, at the same time, means you comply with legal requirements.

Pool cleanness

Pool roller shutters are an easy way to cover your pool. They're often installed to make sure the water stays optimally clean. Shutters, just like pool covers, protect your pool from impurities (insects, debris, twigs, leaves, etc.) and from bad weather.

Rolling out your pool shutters each time you've finished using your pool means your pool will be easier to clean. Basically, less debris in the water means faster cleaning and you can make the most of your pool by reducing all the stress factors.

Water treatment

The fact that your pool water remains clean for longer means you'll use less products to treat the water. Firstly, because you won't have to deal with external pollution that can create algae in the pool and, secondly, because your chlorine will be protected from the sun's UVs that make it weaker.

If you have a good pool cover, you won't need to add chlorine to your water as much. In turn, you'll be saving money and you'll be making an eco-friendly contribution.

Protecting water

Your pool roller shutters protect your water by also reducing evaporation and the amount of heat that's lost. A pool that's not covered will be highly-sensitive to outdoor air and water will cool down quickly whenever the temperatures drop. Water also evaporates much more when your pool's not covered.

By covering your pool, you'll be able to enjoy it for longer throughout the year if you live in a region where the weather's mild, your pool fun will be stress-free and you'll be saving water.

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Motorized, manual or solar-powered pool shutters... which should you go for?

Pool roller shutters are very easy to use. They roll out across the pool to protect it. This action can be done manually or may be motorized, and even solar-powered. Another factor to take into account when making a purchase.

Manual pool shutters

As we previously mentioned, manual shutters come with a crank handle that enables you to roll up and roll out the shutters across an axis. The roller is placed at the end of the pool where the shutters are rolled up and stored.

This manual model has the advantage of being easy to use and highly-affordable to purchase. It doesn't require any electrical connection, so it's easy to install. Unlike automatic roller shutters, this model continues to work even when there's a power outage.

Motorized pool shutters

Motorized pool shutters come with an integrated motor that triggers rolling up and rolling out the slats using a remote control or a switch. You just need to turn the switch on directly or via the remote control to cover and uncover your pool.

Investing in motorized roller shutters means saving time and ease-of-use. If you use your pool frequently, you'll definitely be delighted that you won't need to make any physical effort to uncover it.

Of course, this type of shutters requires energy to work effectively and, as such, means connecting it to your home electrical network when installing.

Solar-powered pool shutters

From an ecological stance, solar-powered shutters are the best choice to cover your pool. They combine comfort, safety and are energy-saving.

The built-in motor captures the energy emitted by the sun's rays to operate. As such, the shutters are delivered with photovoltaic panels that convert this energy into electricity. The great news is that this type of installation doesn't need to be connected to an electrical network.

How should you look after your pool shutters?

The swimming pool roller shutter works very simply: it rolls over the pool to protect it. This action can be carried out manually, but can also be motorized, and even be powered by solar energy. Another element to take into account when making your purchase.

It's important to look after your pool and roller shutters to ensure your equipment lasts as long as possible.

Ideally, you should clean your pool shutters at least twice a year. It's rather easy to clean them. You just need to remove any dirt that has accumulated in the slats and then rinse your shutters with a high-pressure cleaner.

Don't hesitate to clean thoroughly to remove any stubborn dirt. Once you've rinsed your shutters, leave them to dry naturally in the open air for as long as required.

How to maintain a swimming pool cover?

Properly maintaining your swimming pool and roller shutter is important so that your equipment lasts as long as possible.

Ideally, the pool cover should be cleaned at least twice a year. This cleaning is relatively simple. All you need to do is remove all the dirt that accumulates in the slats and then rinse the shutter with a high pressure cleaner.

Do not hesitate to clean thoroughly, to remove stubborn dirt. Once rinsed, the shutter can simply dry in the open air for as long as necessary.

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Can't-do-without criteria when choosing your pool roller shutters

Size and shape of your pool

To ensure the roller shutters are totally tailored, practical and safe, their size must correspond perfectly to the size of your pool. The same holds true, of course, for the shape. You'll also need to check that the model can be installed on your type of pool.

Even if you have a bespoke pool, don't worry, made-to-measure solutions exist where roller shutters can be tailored to most pool shapes.

The price of your pool roller shutters

As we've already seen, roller shutter prices vary based on the type of shutters, the size and the options you'd like. And this will probably be a key criterion when making your choice. Don't hesitate to request several quotes to compare solutions.

For smaller budgets, above-ground roller shutters may be the best option. On the other hand, immersed roller shutters cost more but are also more stylish. A manual solution will be cheaper than motorized models, but the latter offer you enhanced ease-of-use.


The look of the roller shutters is something not to be taken lightly as it can greatly influence the overall look of your pool and even your outdoor setting.

Immersed roller shutters are highly-popular as they're discreet and fit in wonderfully-well with any outdoor setting. Having said this though, we still haven't heard the last of recent above-ground roller shutter models. Because, today, they're available in a wide array of coverings and can be customized, meaning they're even more attractive.

How often you use your pool

The frequency with which you use your pool is another must criterion when choosing roller shutters.

If you use your pool on a regular basis, then you should opt for automatically-opening roller shutters such as the solar-powered or electrical versions. Contrary to manual roller shutters, this type of cover is easier to use and doesn't require any physical effort.


Thanks to this guide, you now know that covering your pool with roller shutters means extra comfort and safety for you and your children. However, this cover is also a decorative item in its own right and can be very elegant when it's got a sleek style or when it's customized. As such, your roller shutters become an undeniable asset for enhancing the look of your outdoor setting, as well as indispensable equipment to use your pool in the best possible way.

What is the best swimming pool cover model?

In absolute terms, it is difficult to say which swimming pool shutter model is the best, since this choice will depend on your context and your budget. Each solution has, in fact, its own advantages and disadvantages.

Although the above-ground model is economical, affordable and simple to install, it remains quite bulky. On the other hand, its submerged counterpart is aesthetic and discreet, but is more complex to install.

Certain models of swimming pool shutters may also offer particular functionalities, which will be interesting depending on your situation. It is thus possible to install an infinity pool shutter or even a heating shutter.

The essential criteria for choosing the right swimming pool cover

In addition to choosing among the different types of shutters, you must also take into account a few criteria when purchasing, to ensure that you select the model of swimming pool roller shutter best suited to your situation.

You now know, thanks to this guide, that covering your swimming pool with a roller shutter is a guarantee of comfort and safety for you and your children. But this cover is also a decorative element in its own right, and which can be very elegant when it adopts clean lines, or thanks to personalization. The roller shutter then becomes an undeniable asset for enhancing the aesthetics of your exterior, while being an essential element for the proper use of your swimming pool.

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