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Cover & uncover your pool or your terrace and optimize your hosting capacity season-in, season out.

Create outdoor spaces that are a pleasure to enjoy, where your customers can make the most of every moment spent in your establishment, regardless of the weather. This is the mission of the Abrisud Pro teams. Totally bespoke solutions designed to let you host events and activities in any season. 


Pool enclosures for pros

A well-designed  recreational pool area for campsites and holiday residences rhymes with successful seasons. Abrisud Pro solutions are imagined to optimize spaces smartly so that everyone can make the most of the pool areas. Each project is unique, created to satisfy our customers' needs, using premium-quality materials, complying with standards and perfectly fitting into the surrounding setting.


Pergolas for pros

Bring your terrace to life all year round with the XXL bioclimatic pergola.  Abrisud Pro's bioclimatic pergola,  designed to cover  reception areas, is a scalable terrace covering solution. It's tailor-made,  resistant to outdoor conditions and lets you enjoy greater hosting capacity. It's waterproof and modular,  and ensures  you can use your outdoor spaces season-in, season-out.


Pool and terrace covers to make the season last forever

Add an extra special touch to your establishment's recreational water park with Abrisud Pro pool enclosures. A pool equipped with a modular enclosure ensures  your customers can enjoy activities regardless of the weather. Large-scale structures created to tailor perfectly  to the location, design-wise and in terms of the activities offered. You can cover  or uncover  your aquatic space  as you wish to ensure your customers are optimally satisfied. A season that lasts forever, a higher occupancy rate, a complementary  service offering, ensuring  your establishment optimized profitability. 
For optimal comfort Abrisud Pro also offers modular solutions for terraces and reception spaces. Terrace enclosures  and pergolas to increase your hosting capacity and guarantee  service  regardless of the season or the weather. Abrisud Pro pool, recreational water  park and terrace enclosures, designed for spaces accessible to the public, are created in compliance with EUROCODES building standards.


Bespoke support

Our aim is to address your project needs and expectations as best possible. We advise you on creating your project and choose the solution best tailored to your situation hand-in-hand with you. We design the product with you, which is made-to-measure, suits you and will be tailored to your criteria.

We can provide you with a custom study for your installation project.

Our experts will also be on hand to advise you on the installation and your project's feasibility.

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