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Pool enclosure benefits

There are generally three main reasons taken into account when choosing a pool enclosure:  safety, comfort and easier cleaning.

Making the pool safe

One of the main benefits of installing a pool enclosure is that itmakes the pool safe for children, adults and pets.

This structure is a sure protection against the risk of domestic accidents and drowning. A pool enclosure is seen as particularly important for households with young children.

Enhancing pool comfort

A pool enclosure helps maintain and keep water temperature stable over time. As such, you can enjoy your pool at an optimal temperature season-in, season-out.

A pool enclosure can increase water heat by between 6°C and 8°C, especially in summertime thanks to its greenhouse effect.

By installing a pool enclosure, you'll be able to make the most of your pool for longer throughout the year.

Cleaning becomes easier

A pool enclosure is a protective solution that really makes cleaning and looking after a pool easier and, as such, is a timesaver on a daily basis.

Installing a pool enclosure means the pool water will be cleaner as the enclosure prevents leaves and other dirt from falling into the water. You'll spend less time cleaning your pool and you'll use less cleaning products.

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How should you go about choosing your pool enclosure?

You need to take various factors into account when choosing a pool enclosure.

The height of your pool enclosure

The height of your pool enclosure is an important criterion. It generally varies based on the period(s) you intend to use your pool.

When using your pool for a short period during the year, a low pool enclosure is perfect. However, if you intend to make the most of your pool throughout the year, opt for a higher enclosure of at least 1.80 m high, to protect your pool from the wind and cold.

Your pool setting

Ensuring your pool enclosure blends into your outdoor setting is also a factor to take into account. This installation will, of course, change the visual look of your home and outdoors, in particular of your pool and its terrace or deck, so it's vital to choose a model that tailors perfectly to everything that already exists.

Your pool enclosure also needs to suit your tastes, so you should choose material that you like and that you can even customize should you so wish.


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Installing your shelter

Ease of installation is a key factor in choosing the right pool enclosure. The rule is to opt for a model that is easy to install and compatible with the existing pool.

As pool enclosures are generally installed on pools that have already been built, there are a number of parameters to take into account during installation, such as clearance and safety.

The amount of clearance depends on the model of your pool enclosure. It's important to ask yourself the following questions: where should the access be located? Do you need extra childproofing?

Handling and using your enclosure

You should also think about how you will use your pool enclosure, sometimes on a daily basis. The modules should be easy to handle, so that you can use your pool as simply as possible.

Don't neglect maintenance either. Is the model you're interested in easy to clean? Do the materials need to be treated?

The reliability and safety of your pool enclosure

The reliability of the structure is mainly ensured by the materials and fixing methods chosen.

In terms of materials, you can choose between an aluminium or wooden structure. Polycarbonate (honeycomb) or glass (single- or double-glazed) can be used for the covering surfaces.

Depending on the environment, guide rails may need to be installed to ensure that the structure moves smoothly and safely.

Your pool enclosure must also comply with standard NF P 90-309. This standard applies to outdoor in-ground pool enclosures. It specifies that a private pool enclosure must be able to withstand wind and snow. It must also prevent access to the pool by children, and have a locking system if it is removable.

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Aluminium or wooden pool enclosure?

There are different types of pool enclosure, each designed to meet specific needs. The most common types are sliding, stackable, telescopic or fixed.

When it comes to materials, a wide range of different pool enclosure models exist: aluminium, PVC or wooden structures, with panelling in polycarbonate or glass.

Aluminium models are the best choice if you wish to have harmonious design and highly-resistant installation that lasts a long time.

PVC also offers good quality for money. It looks quite similar to aluminium yet is less expensive. However, it won't last as long.

Wood is another great alternative with its convivial and natural look.

In any event, the material you choose will enhance the contemporary or rustic style of your home and will blend perfectly with your outdoor setting.

Is it better to choose a low or full-height pool enclosure?

Before purchasing a pool enclosure, you need to know the difference between full-height ones and low ones.

Full-height pool enclosures offer you incredible pool space. They cover the pool as well as the surrounding area and mean you can create a real protected space for living around your pool. As such, you'll be able to make the post of your pool season-in, season-out and enjoy your lounge area throughout the year. These pool enclosures may, in some cases, require a building permit or a declaration of works.

Low enclosures, on the other hand, are a protective solution that are highly-discreet and offer good quality for money. These types of enclosure are generally comprised of several modules of different widths. On the height side, they differ from other enclosure models as they are low, between 20 cm and 1 metre. 

Which opening system should you choose for your pool enclosure?

You can choose between different opening systems for your pool enclosure.

Removable enclosures, to begin with, are highly-practical and easy to use. They are made of light modules that can be stacked or lifted up with lifting levers.

Sliding enclosuresboast modules that slide on guide-rails that provide easy, smooth opening. The guide-rail system is generally even easier to use and the structure is more reliable. For full-height enclosures, you can also opt for a rotunda style where you'll have a rounded form on one or both ends of your enclosure.

Thanks to high-tech innovation, pool enclosures can also be motorized. When pool enclosure opening-closing is motorized, it offers extra user-friendliness that manual opening-closing doesn't have. You'll save time when operating your enclosure and you won't have any physical effort to make.


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Which opening system should I choose for my pool enclosure?

Swimming pool enclosures can be opened in different ways.

A removable enclosure, for starters, is both practical and easy to handle. It is made up of lightweight modules that can be stacked or raised using lifting legs.

A sliding enclosure, on the other hand, has modules that slide on rails, which act as guides, for easy, fluid opening. The rail system generally makes for easier handling and a more reliable structure. For high shelters, it is also possible to opt for the rotunda system, with a rounded shape at one or both ends.

Thanks to advances in technology, a pool enclosure can also be motorised. Motorising the opening of a pool enclosure provides a level of comfort that manual opening does not. You'll save time when handling the enclosure and won't have to make any physical effort.

How much should you spend on a pool enclosure?

Price is a criterion not to be underestimated when buying a pool enclosure. The price will really depend on the type of enclosure you want to install, with an investment ranging from €4,000 to €20,000, or more depending on the model and options you choose.

The model, opening system, height and materials will all affect the price. Note: high enclosures are often more expensive than low ones. The same applies to telescopic enclosures, which are generally more expensive than sliding or removable enclosures.

Before you buy, it's important to take stock of your needs and the reasons why you want to install a pool enclosure. Asking for quotes from pool enclosure professionals will also help you make your project a reality. You can also compare pool enclosures with other alternatives, such as covers or shutters.

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