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If you're a professional, why should you do business with us?

We imagine and breathe life into the outdoor spaces of establishments accessible to the public: campsites and classic hotels, holiday rentals, holiday residences, recreational water parks, as well as local communities, etc.

Your project deserves to be in good hands. That's why with Abrisud Pro, the entire production chain is handled in Europe, without subcontracting, for perfect coordination.

Our teams monitor your project from the design stage through to on-site acceptance. We guide and advise you at every stage to ensure a result that meets your expectations.


100% controlled production

All our structures are entirely custom-made and manufactured in France. 

Manufacturing is carried out across 4 production sites with each specializing in a type of product, which means your projects are rolled out perfectly from start to finish. 

Each of these facilities boasts a dedicated design office and its own, exclusive manufacturing process (aluminium, etc.).

Assembly and installation is carried out by qualified staff trained by Abrisud Pro.

Abris de piscine

Compliance and standards

All our creations accessible to the public meet Eurocodes building standards.

These standards take into account the geographical location of the project (seafront, altitude, seismic zone) to define the solidity of the structure.

Stress calculation reports are cross-checked by in-company design offices before being submitted to an independent inspection office (Socotec or others) to certify their compliance with the regulations.

The certificate issued will be requested by the Commission for Safety and Accessibility when the enclosure is opened to the public.


Our guarantees

All our large-scale pool enclosures are covered by the following guarantees:

  • Eurocodes Eurocodes for public contracts Ten-year guarantee: this guarantee takes over from all the usual insurance covering storms, civil liability, etc.
  • Even decades after installation, Abrisud Pro is on hand for any restoration work in the event of a claim, but also for any conversion requests to keep up with the changing requirements of recreational water spaces.
  • Abrisud Pro ensures it complies with regulations regarding accessibility (people with reduced mobility) and safety for establishments accessible to the public. 
Abris de terrasse

Boost your business

Choosing Abrisud Pro to cover your recreational water space means protecting your business from the vagaries of the weather, as well as enhancing the value of your establishment with exclusive, qualitative equipment.

In turn, you can rest assured you'll have higher occupancy rates, optimal profitability and loyalty!

Abris de piscine
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