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Guillaume is responsible for the workshop teams, divided into five areas:  cutting polycarbonate plates;  machining with his tapping, spinning and drilling machines; assembling parts:   bending aluminium profiles and loading them onto trucks before delivery to the customer. His colleague Emeric oversees logistics. With the design office file in hand, he checks each part of the order. Once all the parts have been assembled on a customer cart, the enclosure leaves the factory. Emeric always has an eye on the tools and fasteners stock in the store.  "There are so many parts here", he says, "that the inventory takes 15 days to do". 


Zoom on the bending workstation

Using the bending machine, Vincent forms the aluminium profiles of the custom structure. Parts from 15 to 100 kg pass through the machine and are bent.


Zoom on the assembly workstation

The assembly area is where the parts are assembled and pre-assembled. In this workshop, the doors, in particular the folding doors, are mounted and the profiles are assembled. A little special work sometimes is needed by Frédéric, the workstation manager and aluminium carpenter, to design a more artisanal hoop, whose dimensions and cut are not done by a machine, but by hand: intricate work on cutting, threading and bending machines with numerical controls.

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