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A pool with shutters, a real guarantee of safety

Pool shutters, which comply with the NF P 90-308 standard, are an effective safety solution for preventing drowning. They resist loads up to 100 kg and, as such, can prevent children from falling into the pool.

Roller shutters to protect the water optimally

This type of cover protects pool water from bad weather and reduces dirt, such as dust. It makes it easier to maintain good water quality, even if you have to continue to use chlorine- or bromine-based products to limit the spread of algae and micro-organisms in the water.

Stable water temperature guaranteed

It's not always easy to keep your pool water at a perfect temperature, especially at mid-season time. Roller shutters keep water heat in and even increase the temperature by a few degrees thanks to their greenhouse effect.

Less water evaporation

Shutters, and even pool covers, are really waterproof, which means they limit water evaporation. This is a great benefit as it helps you reduce your water consumption.

Outdoor style and look pursued

There are pool shutters and covers today to meet everyone's taste. Several colours and materials are available. Immersed or integrated shutters are incredibly discreet and ever-so stylish.

Volet de piscine

A host of possibilities for bespoke roller shutters

Automated shutters

These motorized shutters mean you can open and close your pool effortlessly by simply using a key.

Manual shutters

To open or close the manual shutters, you need to turn the roller (winder) by hand. This is a basic model without any motorization, yet boasts a host of benefits.

Immersed shutters

Immersed shutters are incredibly-discreet and ever-so stylish. It's even "possible for Abrisud today to install immersed shutters in an already-existing pool, that tailor exactly to the pool shape and to its features", states Mathieu Joulé-Charpentier, Abrisud Sales Director.

Above-ground shutters

They're referred to as above-ground as the roller and crank handle are above-ground, at the end of the pool. Housing can be used to make this more discreet.

Safety shutter

It's first and foremost designed to make the pool safe. As such, it's highly-resistant and complies with the NF P90-308 standard.

Solar shutters

These pool shutters are powered by solar sensors (cells), which enables you to save on energy.

Fixed shutters

This simple model is attached to the pool coping. This model can also be made to measure if your pool has a bespoke shape.

Movable shutters

These pool shutters, mounted on guide-rails or equipped with runners, tailor to standard rectangular pools and can be made to measure for custom-shaped pools.

Easy-to-use roller shutters

Most pool shutters are motorized so they can be automatically rolled out and rolled back up without requiring any effort. Non-motorized shutters are, nonetheless, simple to operate with a crank handle and roller.


The PVC slats of pool shutters are highly-resistant to chlorine. On average, roller shutters can last for a dozen years.

Easy to look after and repair

Pool shutters are easy to look after. You just need to regularly remove any debris such as dead leaves that can pile up on top of the shutters, and clean the slats at least twice a year with a high-pressure water jet.

Wintering made easy with pool shutters

Just like pool enclosure, shutters can protect your pool over winter and, as such, ensure water quality remains good and your pool doesn't suffer from any damage due to your water freezing over.

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