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Large-scale pool and terrace enclosures


Ensuring successful seasons

A well-designed recreational pool area for campsites and holiday residences rhymes with successful seasons. Abrisud Pro solutions are imagined to optimize spaces smartly so that everyone can make the most of the pool areas. Each project is unique, created to satisfy our customers' needs, using premium-quality materials, complying with standards and perfectly fitting into the surrounding setting.


An extensive range of absolutely bespoke outdoor solutions

Curved structures


Non-standard structures

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Dome & rotunda structures


Angular structures

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There's an Abrisud Pro solution for every project

Our Abrisud Pro range proposes a host of high-tech solutions without ever compromising on shape or materials, to enclose your pool, your recreational pool area and your terrace. Make the season last forever, optimize your hospitality capacity and get a better return from your public spaces.

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Campsites & holiday residences

Do your customers and guests love up-to-the-minute style, comfort and enjoy time-out around pools and recreational water parks. Here, at Abrisud Pro, we pay great attention to their expectations and imagine well-designed, friendly water-based spaces for you. Spaces where surfaces can be transformed, opened and closed as wished, where happiness and pleasure reigns throughout the day, throughout the season… Bookings made earlier, more customers and guests and higher revenue…

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City halls & communities 

The quality of life in a community is vital, it plays a key role in citizens' wellness and promotes community spirit. The facilities you propose in your municipality, such as pool enclosures and recreational pool areas can be a real advantage for encouraging development, new services and activities.  
Creating dynamics whilst ensuring service continuity and remaining open season-in, season-out generates added value  for your community. Abrisud Pro accompanies you throughout your project for building enclosures for public pools and for public spaces.

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Cafés, hotels & restaurants 

Keep your establishment's terrace alive all year round with Abrisud Pro solutions. Large-scale terrace enclosures and pergolas for versatile terraces that  ensure you optimize  your hospitality capacity  and receive customers and guests season-in, season out.  Your customers will delight in comfortable outdoor spaces all year round protected  from the vagaries of the weather. Premium-quality materials, automation and modularity ensure your outdoor hospitality spaces  make the season last forever.

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Tailored to the site

  • Free-standing building enclosure offering optimal modularity
  • Width of the lean-to building enclosure based on space available
  • Length of the lean-to building enclosure that tailors to your needs and the size you wish
  • Lean-to building dome for a sleek, rounded design
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  • Fixed roof with lift-up, open-up panels to let air in as you wish
  • Fixed roof with sliding bays for more modularity
  • Movable parts with or without lift-up, open-up panels to configure the installation to suit your needs
  • The choice of materials is based on your expectations, and includes aluminium for a more modern look and optimal resistance. An up-to-the-minute touch for your recreational pool areas. 
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