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Dome & rotunda structures

Totally curved enclosures

Abris de piscine

Much more than just a dome structure, totally curved enclosures that echo the design of the aquatic space

In the half-moon version, the rotunda finish infuses the enclosure with an elegant look and makes it ever-so easy to use. A way of optimizing the opening range.

The enclosure can be opened as required: partial opening, module by module, or over the entire width of the enclosure, etc.

Abris de piscine

The benefits of this dome structure

The structure, offering an enhanced pool space, boasts a host of benefits…

  • Up-to-the-minute design
    Invisible, movable screws set off the elegant design of the dome structure. Its premium-quality finishes and rounded style add extra character to your pool life space.
  • Modularity
    The curved structure lets you optimize the opening range.
  • Warmer water
    The installation protects your pool,  and reduces maintenance and water evaporation significantly, which also means your water stays warm.

A structure, state-of-the-art, bright enclosures

A protected space: These enclosures are free of all surface and height constraints creating a harmonious, majestic structure.

Compared to traditional roofs, ours provide light and warmth. Much more than just an enclosure, it becomes the establishment's signature, enhancing it with value and character.

Abris de piscine

A one-of-a-kind space

Rotundas set off the style of curved enclosures. Fixed and retractable versions are available. The panels, which open manually, enhance perspectives and make moving around easier between the various pools of the water park.

Abris de piscine

Premium-quality materials

Abrisud Pro has over 30 years' experience and expertise in imagining large-scale pool enclosures for professionals.

All Abrisud Pro creations accessible to the public meet EUROCODES building standards.
These standards take into account the geographical location of the structure. The certificate issued will be requested by the Commission for Safety and Accessibility when the enclosure is opened to the public.

Abris de piscine

Because you can rest assured you're well supported

Bespokeness, for a project that suits you

Each project is the subject of an in-depth, personalized study to tailor our solutions to your needs.

Our experts support you from start to finish

We provide you with a personalized and rigorous support service from the moment you define your project through to its complete installation.

We never outsource, never work with intermediaries, to ensure we deliver the best prices

We master the quality chain from A to Z, from design, through manufacturing, to installation, to help you meet your expectations fully.
Abris de piscine
Bespoke service with support from a Project Manager specialized in establishments accessible to the public. This dedicated contact person is attentive to your needs and wishes and advises you on defining your project and on ensuring it is rolled out correctly.



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