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What's the point of installing pool shutters?

Pool shutters are first and foremost for safety purposes as they reduce the risk of drowning. They also ensure water temperature stays stable and that water doesn't evaporate. 

So, basically, with pool shutters, you'll be saving money, saving time and saving energy. You'll spend less time cleaning your pool, you won't need to heat it as much and you'll use less cleaning products. The shutters will also make your work easier when it comes to wintering your pool.

Which pool roller shutters should you choose?

Roller shutters for pools comprise PVC or polycarbonate slats, set on an aluminium or stainless steel structure. Two types of shutters exist: above-ground and immersed. They must all comply with the NF P90-308 standard.

Above-ground roller shutters

Above-ground roller shutters are set up outside the pool and are the most commonly used and most cost-effective solution. They're very easy to install at the edge of the pool. The roller shaft is fixed on a deck and an electric connection can be created for motorized models. 

The disadvantage of this system is its lack of attractiveness: it's highly-visible and somewhat difficult to hide. However, its ease of installation on already-built pools and its price makes it very interesting.

Its roller shutter can be enabled in various ways:

  • Manually, using a crank handle. This is the cheapest solution but also the most demanding, as the shutter is quite heavy.
  • With a motor, using a key or remote control. Ideally, you should choose a system with an end limit stopper, which will wear less.
  • With a battery, which you'll need to charge up regularly or that could be equipped with solar panels.

Immersed roller shutters

Immersed shutters are hidden under a deck and are very discreet. The rotating shaft and the slats are installed in a recess integrated in the pool. As its mechanism is more complicated, it's advisable to install it when building your pool. Although it's always possible to install it later, this can be rather costly. Another disadvantage of immersed roller shutters is that, although it doesn't use up any outdoor space it may mean you'll lose in-pool space. 

The main benefit of immersed shutters are their design as they're virtually invisible. You keep 100% of your poolside space. These shutters are always motorized, which means they're ever-so easy to use and don't require any effort at all.

volet de piscine immergé

What you need to think about when choosing your roller shutters

You'll need to think about several things when choosing the right shutters for your pool:

  • Your budget: this will of course play a key role and will also influence the type of shutters you choose, the materials and the features. How much would you like to invest in your pool shutters?
  • Building progress: is your pool already built or the project's still underway? 
  • The look you're after: how important is it to have a harmonious pool space? You're not bothered if the shutters and casing are visible or you'd prefer a more attractive solution?
  • Your use: features like motorized opening would be highly-appreciable if you're planning to use your pool on a daily basis. For less frequent use, perhaps you'd like to go for less comfortable options but that could save you money.
  • Pool shape and, as such, the models that tailor to your pool.

Which colour should you choose for your pool shutters?

Irrespective of whether the shutters are above-ground or immersed, they generally come in a range of colours. The colour you choose is entirely personal and won't affect water quality or safety.

Blue and white are the most traditional colours for pool shutters. But, you can also go for more neutral or more up-to-the-minute colours, like grey or sand, which also have the advantage of dirtying less. To choose the right colour, you can use your pool colour as a basis as well as its coping and poolside tiling or paving.

To choose shutters tailored to your needs and to your pool, you should begin by deciding on the budget you'd like to invest in this equipment. Then, you'll need to choose between above-ground shutters or immersed shutters. With above-ground roller shutters, you'll also have to think about the opening mechanism you want. And, finally, the colour will be the last thing you'll need to choose. In any event, you'll be providing your pool with vital equipment that will ensure it's safe and will make it easier to use and look after.

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