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Christophe and Valérie's pergolas in Vendée

From €4,995
2 days
25 m²

Enjoy your terrace in any season.

Christophe and Valérie wanted to enjoy a functional terrace in any season, with ventilation and an open view on the sky. Their project came to life with the creation of two pergolas with a modular and customised structure, cleverly associating a living space with a summer kitchen.

Thomas V.
R&D Developer - Design Office - Specialist in pergolas and carports

Client issues, expectations and constraints

An ideal compromise between an awning and a veranda, a bioclimatic slatted pergola is the solution of choice for anyone planning to create the perfect outdoor environment... and make the most of warm summer days.

The clients wanted a specific configuration with 2 pergolas, one with a fixed roof to install a summer kitchen and a new living space, and another with adjustable slats to enjoy the terrace in any season. 

The solutions provided

A fixed-roof pergola

It enables you to easily create a new living space while protecting your terrace from harsh weather and UV rays! Taking into consideration durability, safety and comfort, the fixed-roof pergola is manufactured in perfect compliance with current standards, essentially defined by AFNOR. An adjustable-slat pergola to enjoy the terrace later in the season. 

An adjustable-slat pergola to enjoy the terrace later in the season

By installing an adjustable-slat pergola, it is possible to control the exposure of the terrace to sunlight, but also to protect the installation from harsh weather. This bioclimatic pergola can thus be used throughout the year, both winter and summer, regardless of weather conditions.

Christophe and Valérie chose to install a rain sensor to automatically manage the closure of the slats according to weather conditions. In addition, they opted for a motorised blind to create shade as needed, as well as LED lighting with a dimmer to create a warm and personalised ambience. 





Enjoy your terrace in any season and create a new living space with automatic climate management. 

  • Advantage 1
    Perfectly weatherproof, the fixed-roof pergola enables you to embellish your exteriors and benefit from increased thermal insulation. Its flat roof and "sandwich" panels play an important role in this respect.
  • Advantage 2:
    Adjustable-slat pergolas are built around a robust aluminium structure with Qualicoat and Qualimarine certification. These two labels guarantee the quality of the powder coating, its durability, and its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. You will also be protected from the sun thanks to motorised blinds, enabling you to create an intimate space. 
  • Advantage 3:
    Control shade and ventilation with an adjustable-slat pergola to enjoy every minute thanks to automated climate management. The pergola will automatically adjust its settings, so that you can concentrate on the essential: the well-being of your loved ones.
  • Advantage 4
    There are numerous possibilities of layout that will enable you to enjoy your pergola in all seasons  and to personalise it according to your lifestyle. Many options are available to complete your installation, including LED lighting, privacy screens, etc. 


Characteristicsof the project

LED lights

You can choose to add LED lights to your pergola; all connections are made by waterproof sockets.


Solar protection: motorised and a wide choice of colours. For this project, the blinds were installed on 3 sides to provide solar protection or create privacy.

Wind/rain sensor

The slats open and close automatically for optimal comfort.


Various colours are available for the structure in order to create a pergola that fits into your exterior environment. Dark grey was chosen for this project, bringing a contemporary touch.

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The project timeline

  • Step 1, project definition:
    We developed the project and the most suitable solution to meet the client's needs and expectations. All the aspects of the project were taken into account and the key elements were studied, including installation, price and the technical constraints. Once the feasibility of the project had been validated by both parties, we moved on to the validation of the purchase order, which brings together all the key information concerning the project. 
  • Step 2, personalisation
    An entirely bespoke approach was adopted in order to meet the specific requirements of Mr and Mrs Pineau's project. A specialist technician went on site to take all the necessary measurements. This information was then transferred to the design office, which began the project design phase before production.
  • Step 3, planning
    A date was fixed in agreement with Christophe and Valérie for the installation of their pergolas. Our team of installers then took charge of delivery, assembly and commissioning at our clients' home.
  • Step 4, after-sales service
    Once the enclosure and the two pergolas have been installed, our after-sales service remains available for any questions that may arise. Our goal is also to guide our clients to familiarise them with the use of the product. We provide our clients with a series of detailed documents that cover all the technical aspects of the product as well as instructions for the use and maintenance of the pergolas.

How did you hear about Abrisud?
Our neighbours recommended Abrisud to us.

Why did you choose this solution?
We installed a pool enclosure, a lean-to pergola and a bioclimatic pergola. Several professionals came, but Abrisud was the only company that proposed a solution that corresponded to our expectations.

Are you satisfied?
We are very satisfied. We have recommended Abrisud to the people we know.

When did installation work finish?
Last autumn, so we were able to extend the bathing season. The enclosure maintains heat, cleanliness and safety. We are very happy.

How did you find the team?
The Oise team was great and very professional despite the weather conditions.


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Our experts are on hand to help you!
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