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Christophe and Valérie's Max telescopic pool enclosure in Vendée

From €10,180
1 day
24 m²
Abri de piscine télescopique
Abri de piscine télescopique
Abri de piscine télescopique

Christophe and Valérie wanted a pool enclosure that fitted into their outdoor space and did not take up too much space.

They opted for a Max telescopic pool enclosure along the width of the pool for its many advantages: to extend the bathing season, to have warmer water, and to limit water evaporation.


Yohann L.
Project manager

The client's issues, expectations and constraints

The clients wanted a specific configuration with an enclosure for the width of the pool and not its length in order to gain space. 

The solutions provided

A Max telescopic enclosure specially designed for large dimensions. We adapted our products to meet the client's needs and expectations.


Increased deck space to to leave the bathing area totally free.

  • Advantage 1
    Heat is preserved and increased, with a gain of 6 to 8 °C
  • Advantage 2 :
    Covering the pool limits water evaporation  and thus provides savings on water costs  but also cuts down on treatment products to maintain  good quality water.
  • Advantage 3:
    Safety ensured through compliance with AFNOR standard NF P 90-309 to guarantee maximum safety
  • Advantage 4
    Extended bathing season


Characteristicsof the project

Pool adaptation

If you have a pool with exterior steps, take advantage of the adaptation of the pool to cover and secure the entire pool when it is closed.
Abris de piscine

Openings in the façade

A clever solution that enables maximum watertightness. The Crystal finish offers total transparency on the front side of the enclosure.
Abris de piscine

Opening for pool coping

Facilitate and secure the handling of your enclosure thanks to adjustable sections to better follow the deck around your pool
Abris de piscine

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Want to discover our products?
Let's meet in the showroom!

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The project timeline

  • Step 1, project definition 
    We defined the project and the most suitable solution to meet the client's needs and expectations. We determined all the features and study the decisive points of the project: installation, price and the technical constraints. Once the feasibility of the project had been validated by both parties, we moved on to the validation of the purchase order, which brings together all the key information concerning the project. 
  • Step 2, personalisation
    An entirely bespoke approach was adopted in order to meet the specific requirements of Mr and Mrs Pineau's project. A specialist technician went on site to take all the necessary measurements. This information was then transferred to the design office, which began the project design phase before production.
  • Step 3, planning
    A date was fixed in agreement with Christophe and Valérie for the installation of their Max telescopic pool enclosure. Our team of installers then took charge of delivery, assembly and commissioning at our clients' home.
  • Step 4, after-sales service
    Once the product has been installed, our after-sales service remains available for any questions that may arise. Our goal is also to guide our clients to familiarise them with the use of the product. We provide our clients with a series of detailed documents that cover all the technical aspects of the product as well as instructions for the use and maintenance of the telescopic enclosure.
Abris de piscine

How did you hear about Abrisud?
Our neighbours recommended Abrisud to us.

Why did you choose this solution?
We installed a pool enclosure and two pergolas. Several professionals came, but Abrisud was the only company that proposed a solution that corresponded to our expectations. 

Are you satisfied?
We are very satisfied. We have recommended Abrisud to the people we know.

When did installation work finish?
Last autumn, so we were able to extend the bathing season. The enclosure maintains heat, cleanliness and safety. We are very happy.

How did you find the team?
The Oise team was great and very professional despite the weather conditions.

Abris de piscine

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