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Bruno's full-height pool enclosure in Valenciennes

From €18,325
1 day
56 m²
Abris de piscine
Abris de piscine
Abris de piscine

Bruno's project aimed to extend the pleasure of bathing year-round, while creating a living space around the pool. His goal: extended seasonal use coupled with the maintenance of optimal water temperature, all without the need to purchase a heat pump.

Yohann L.
Project manager

Client issues, expectations and constraints

A house enhanced with a discreet enclosure without ground rails to enable it blend into its surroundings.
Direct pool access from the house.

The solutions provided

The installation of a full-height enclosure means bathing in a closed and protected space to benefit from the pool almost year-round. The Qualicoat powder-coated aluminium structures are made to measure to ensure that each module is well proportioned and perfectly meets our clients' needs. 

Bruno chose the optional folding door for a totally unobstructed facade to allow for partial or total opening  according to need. 

The advantages provided

Day-to-day advantages for bathing pleasure.

  • Advantage 1:
    Water maintained at a higher temperature offers the possibility of bathing regardless of the weather.
  • Advantage 2: 
    A full-height enclosure protects the pool and significantly reduces water evaporation.
  • Advantage 3:
    The creation of a new living space around the pool and  the extension of the swimming season despite the cooler temperatures specific to their region.
  • Advantage 4:
    Direct pool access from the house is practical and considerably facilitates its use, enabling users to go to the pool regardless of the weather. 

Motorisation for angular full-height enclosures

Standard or servo drive with rechargeable remote control – compact or invisible motor units integrated into the aluminium profiles
Abris de piscine

Folding door

Facade openings can be folded like an accordion to maximise the opening. Its notched surface uprights can be adjusted so that the panels are always joined together.
Abris de piscine

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Want to find out more about our products?
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  • Step 1, project definition 
    We define the project and the most suitable solution to meet the client's needs and expectations. We determine all the features and study the decisive points of the project: installation, price and technical constraints. Once the feasibility of the project has been validated by both parties, we move on to the validation of the purchase order, which brings together all the key information concerning the project. 
  • Step 2, personalisation
    An entirely bespoke approach is adopted in order to meet the specific needs of Bruno's project. A specialist technician goes on site to take all the necessary measurements. This information is then transferred to the design office, which begins the project design phase before production.
  • Step 3, planning
    A date was fixed in agreement with Bruno for the installation of his full-height pool enclosure. Our team of installers then took charge of delivery, assembly and commissioning at our client's home.
  • Step 4, after-sales service
    Once the product has been installed, our after-sales service remains available for any questions that may arise. Our goal is also to guide our clients to familiarise them with the use of the product. We provide our clients with a series of detailed documents that cover all the technical aspects of the product as well as instructions for the use and maintenance of the full-height enclosure.
Abris de piscine

What were the initial objectives of your project? 
We wanted to replace our above-ground pool with a pool that was truly incorporated into our home. As we live in the north and don't have the sunny climate of the south, we wanted to install an enclosure to protect us from bad weather and to extend the swimming season.

What advantages does your enclosure offer? 
There are many advantages. It perfectly meets our expectations, enabling us to fully enjoy our pool throughout the year. Aesthetically speaking, it integrates perfectly into our home, which makes it an even greater pleasure to use. The proximity of the enclosure with our house is extremely practical and facilitates our coming and going. There are so many benefits that exactly match our needs.

Are you satisfied with your experience with the Abrisud team?
Absolutely, everything went smoothly. The installers were friendly and everything was completed according to the schedule fixed with the salesperson. No delay nor disappointment. We are very satisfied. The enclosure perfectly fulfils our expectations. We will be delighted to recommend Abrisud without the slightest hesitation.

Abris de piscine

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